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Welcome to my site!


I hope you will be able to find something interesting here. These are personal, non-commercial pages. The first version of the site was constructed in 1998 and at that time I was among the first heaving their personal sites. That version was constructed from scratch, using a simple HTML editor. From that time the site was upgraded several times, the last time it was modified using "Wix HTML Editor".


The site contains pages devoted to my carrier and scientific interests, resume, etc. Next, you can survey my original software, look at sites, which I like on the Web and cast a glance on the collection of my nicknames and Art Gallery collection. All friends and relatives are invited to my family page. If you will have questions, please contact me by email. 

Present residence:

Freiberg, Germany





Social links:

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  • Born: 31.01.1959, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia - Sakartvelo (Caucasus)

  • Height: 192 cm. Weight: about 100 kg

  • Family: Married from 1984

  • Children: two girls and a boy



  • Georgian - native

  • Russian - native

  • English - fluently 

  • Japanese - passed Level 3 JPT

  • German - basic



  • Cooking

  • Music

  • Driving

  • Computer

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