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• More than 30 years of experience in research of semiconductor materials: fabrication, characterization, and development of related technologies.  
• Wide range of scientific interests with an emphasis on the investigation, engineering, and employment of various defects and nanostructures in semiconductors.  
•   Ability to improve existing material characterization methods and invent new ones.  
•   More than 120 publications in leading refereed international scientific journals. 
•   Guest-editor and reviewer for Scientific Journals. 
•  Contributed more than 75 papers to international conferences on topics related to materials science and physics of semiconductors. 
•   Organized and chaired international conferences.   
•   Possess several patents.

Information updated 01.2022


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Present position: Wiss. Mitarbeiter, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, till 04.2025


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The list is prepared in chronological order. Several not listed papers were published in national journals (Russian, Georgian and/or Japanese). Upon request, I can send you a copy of the requested paper.
On the right is presented a cover of Physica Status Solidi A journal (vol. 17, 2019) for which a figure from my manuscript was chosen.


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  • Si (a-Si, c-Si, mc-Si, nc-Si, etc.)

  • Si-Ge, Ge, C

  • III-V, II-VI, dilute nitrades


  • Thin films, MQW, bonded wafers

  • Solar cells, Photonic systems

Experimental methods
  • Magneto-resonance methods: ESR, EDMR, ODMR, EDSR, ODCR.

  • Electrical methods: DLTS, LDLTS, ODLTS, Hall effect, SPV, TDDB, TZDB, etc.

  • Infrared and optical methods: FTIR, RS, PL, PLE

  • Microscopy: TEM, HRTEM, AFM, EBIC, CL.

  • Mass Spectrometric methods: SSMS, LSMS, SIMS.

My data in professional
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2010 - present

2010 - present

Key lectures

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (2005). 

Application of traditional investigation methods for characterization of defects related to modern technologies (2005).

Rod-like defects in silicon: signatures of distinct RLD structures detected by various measurement methods (2006).

Deep level transient spectroscopy for photovoltaics (2011).

PL and DLTS measurements on Si-based PV materials and solar cells (2013).

Photoluminescence for photovoltaics (2011).

Light-induced crystallisation for thin silicon films (2012).

Defects, Structures, Methods (2021).


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